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19. September 2014

One of my students gave me an envelope he made in class with some spare paper and tape. He said: “Do not open it until you get home.” Let me tell you, today was stressful, I was out all day, my GPS got me lost and I wasted a TON of gas, on my way to work I got a phone call to let me know one of my relatives passed away, I had so much stress and stuff to do I didn’t even get to have breakfast until nearly 2:30 in the afternoon. SO, here I am, sitting in my room and I remember the envelope. I carefully use my swiss army knife to open it and there’s a folded piece of paper from today’s homework and on the reverse it says: "Kevin, you are the best teacher I have ever had. ATT Wilfredo. Thanks!" 

18. September 2014


just watch


What I love the most about skulls is their “in your face” attitude

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